Between Continents

Proceedings of the Twelfth Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786054701025
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2012 / İstanbul
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342 s, s/b and color figures, resimler, İngilizce makaleler.

  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
  • Keynote address: A Brief History of Nautical Archaeology in Turkey by George F. Bass

A. News from the Mediterranean

  • Varinlioğlu, Güzden and Elif Denel / Between the Seabed and the Public: Data Collection for a Virtual Museum from the Underwater Survey at Kaş, Turkey
  • Pomey, Patrice / Pharaonic Ship Remains of Ayn Sukhna
  • Van de Moortel, Aleydis / Middle Bronze Age Boat of Mitrou, Central Greece
  • Polzer, Mark E. / Iron Age Phoenician Shipwreck Excavation at Bajo de la Campana, Spain: Preliminary Report from the Field
  • Littlefield, John D. / Kızılburun Column Wreck Preliminary Hull Analysis: Maximum Results from Minimum Remains
  • Israeli, Eyal and Yaacov Kahanov / Tantura E: Hull Construction Report
  • Mihajlovic, Igor - Igor Miholjek and Mladen Pesic / A 16th Century Wreck Found near the Island of Mljet, Croatia
  • Cvikel, Deborah / Akko 1 Shipwreck: The Archaeological Find and its Historical Context

 B. News from Northern Europe

  • Arbin, Staffan von / A 15th Century Bulk Carrier, Wrecked off Skaftö, Western Sweden
  • Gundersen, Jostein / Barcode Project: Fifteen Nordic Clinker-Built Boats from the 16th and 17th Centuries in the City Centre of Oslo, Norway
  • Auer, Jens and Martin Segschneider / Loss and Rediscovery of the Swedish ‘Prinsessan Hedvig Sophia’ in the Baltic Sea near Kiel, Germany
  • Zolotarev, Oleg A. and Viktor D. Kobets / Investigation of the Wreck Site of the 18th -Century Russian Warship ‘St. Alexander’ near the Tarkhankutski Lighthouse (Crimea, Ukraine)
  • Bednarz, Tomasz / Identification of the 18th Century Shipwreck W-27 on the Basis of a Comparative Analysis of Archaeological and Archival Sources

 C. The Byzantine Ships at Yenikapı

  • Günsenin, Nergis / ‘City’ Harbours from Antiquity through Medieval Times
  • Kocabaş, Ufuk / Byzantine Shipwrecks at Yenikapı
  • Özsait Kocabaş, Işıl / Hull Characteristics of the Yenikapı 12 Shipwreck
  • Türkmenoğlu, Evren / Preliminary Report on the Yenikapı 17 Shipwreck
  • van Doorninck, Jr, Frederick H. / Ethnicity and Sphere of Activity of the Crew of the 11th -Century Serçe Limanı Ship: Some Tentative Observations

 D. Mediterranean and Black Sea Ships and Seafaring

  • Damianidis, Kostas A. / Byzantine Ship Graffiti in the Kilise Mescidi of Amasra
  • Beltrame, Carlo and Valeria Vittorio / Roman Ships Carrying Marble: Were These Vessels in Some Way Special?
  • Schmidts, Thomas / Between East and West in the Roman Empire: Skippers and Shipowners from the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Nakas, Yannis D. / 14th -Century Galley Fleet from the Black Sea: The Case of Codex 5 in the Hellenic Institute of Venice
  • Basch, Lucien / Reflections on the Graffiti of Haghia Sophia at Trebizond (Trabzon), Turkey
  • Çoban, Hüseyin / İnebolu Boat: Last Surviving Black Sea Ship of ‘Shell-First’ Construction and the Evolution of Boatbuilding in the Western Black Sea Coast of Anatolia

 E. Ottoman Shipbuilding

  • Batchvarov, Kroum N. / Design and Construction of a Black Sea Ottoman Ship
  • Aydın, Yusuf Alperen / Technological Developments in the Imperial Dockyard (Tersane-i Amire): Anchor Manufacture for the Galleons of the Ottoman Navy
  • Ünver, Metin / A Lesser Known Branch in the Ottoman Imperial Dockyard: Tîr-i Güverte

 F. Ship Construction

  • Guyon, Marc and Eric Rieth / Wreck of the 1st Century AD Lyon Saint-Georges 8 (Rhône, France): A Ferry or a Ligther from the River Saône?
  • Marlier, Sabrina - Sandra Greck - Frédéric Guibal and Valérie Andrieu-Ponel / Arles-Rhône 3: Architectural and Paleobotanical Study of a Gallo-Roman Barge from the 1st Century
  • in the Rhône River
  • Cicilliot, Furio / Introductory Note to a 1202 Genoese Trading Ship (navis)
  • Rieth, Eric / 15th Century EP1-Canche Wreck (Pas-de-Calais, France): A Fluvio-Maritime Coaster of Cog Tradition in the North of France?
  • Schweitzer, Holger / Drogheda Boat: A Story to Tell
  • Loureiro, Vanessa / Regional Characteristics of the Iberian-Atlantic Shipbuilding Tradition: Arade 1 Shipwreck Case Study
  • Duivenvoorde, Wendy Van / Use of Pine Sheathing on Dutch East India Company Ships
  • Ossowski, Waldemar / Early Modern and Pre-Industrial Archaeological Inland Ship Finds from Poland

 G. Experimental Archaeology

  • Nielsen, Søren / Sea Stallion from Glendalough: Testing the Hypothesis
  • Englert, Anton / Travel Speed in the Viking Age: Results of Trial Voyages with Reconstructed Ship Finds
  • Sorokin, Petr E. / Waterways from the Varangians to the Greeks: Some Results of Experimental Study on Medieval Navigation
  • Ward, Cheryl - Patrick Couser - David Vann - Tom Vosmer and Mohamed M. Abd el Maguid / Reconstruction and Sailing Performance of an Ancient Egyptian Ship
  • Vosmer, Tom / Jewel of Muscat: The Reconstruction of a 9th Century Sewn-Plank Boat
  • Chen, Jeng-Horng / Design and Recreation of a 17th Century Taiwanese Junk: Preliminary Report

 H. Research Methods

  • Vangstad, Hilde / Development of an Adaptive Method for the Rescue of 15 Shipwrecks from a Construction Site in Oslo Harbour: Need for Speed
  • Ravn, Morten / Recent Advances in Post-Excavation Documentation: Roskilde Method
  • Nayling, Nigel and Toby Jones / Three-Dimensional Recording and Hull Form Modelling of the Newport (Wales) Medieval Ship
  • Eriksson, Niklas and Patrik Höglund / Well Preserved or Well Recorded: Approaches to Baltic Sea Shipwrecks Exemplified by the Dalarö-Wreck Project
  • Poveda, Pierre / Hypothetical Reconstruction of the Dramont E Shipwreck
  • Bischoff, Vibeke / Reconstruction of the Oseberg Ship: Evaluation of the Hull Form

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