Proceedings of the Symposium on

City Ports from the Aegean to the Black Sea

Medieval-Modern Networks 22nd-29th August 2015

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786059680011
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395 s, renkli resimler, İngilizce.


  • Editors' note

  • Forewords

  • Salutations

  • Presentation of the Project

  • The "Limen. Cultural Ports from Aegean to the Black Sea" Project

  • Chrysos, Evangelos / Aimhn-Portus-Harbour In Metaphorical Use

  • Kostic, Elena / Presentations of Medieval Ships in the Art of the Black Sea Region

  • Dadake, Stavroula / Observations on the Fortifications of the Late-Byzantine Cities of the North Aegean Coast

  • Lychounas, Michalis / "Travel, Drink and be Merry. Port and Wine in Byzantine Aegean and the Black Sea". Past and Realities

  • Lugovyi, Oleg / The Chrysobullos of 1189 and the History of German and French Quarters of Constantinople

  • Nastasi, Irina / Public Open Space in the City-Port of Tomis (4th-6th Cent. AD)

  • Inaishvlli, Nino / Archaeological Sites in Environment of Batumi

  • Kızıltan, Zeynep - Ufuk Kocabaş / Theodosian Harbour: A Crossroad Between Black Sea and the Mediterranean

  • Gerousi, Eugenia / The Commercial Relations Between Aegean and the Black Sea on the Basis of the Testimony of the Early Christian Amphoras

  • Buzoianu, Livia / Commerce et Navigation dans la Mer Noire dans les Documents Epigraphiques et Iconographiques

  • Siomkos, Nikolaos D. / Constantinople Receiving Icons; A New Approach to an Old Issue

  • Athanasoulis, Demetrios / Some Notes on the Impact of Constantinople on the Byzantine Architecture of the Aegean and the Peloponnese

  • Katsioti, Angeliki / Rhodes-Constantinople, 6th Century to 1523 AD: A Two-Way Traffic

  • Chotzakoglou, Charalampos G. / The Cultural Network of Cyprus - Constantinople - Euxeinos Pontos During the Iconoclasm Era

  • Kılıç, Namık / Preservation of Yenikapı Shipwrecks

  • Kılıç, A. Gökçe / From Underwater to Museum: Presenting Under Water Cultural Heritage

  • Ricci, Alessandra - Baris Altan / Sustainable Cultural Routes In Istanbul: The Küçükyalı Arkeopark and its Vicinities

  • Kanaki, Georgia-Anna / Cultural Tourism: Potentials for Growth 

  • Sotiropoulou, Vassiliki / Funding Opportunities for Cultural Projects: How High is Culture in the European Agenda?

  • Uğuryol, F. Sancar - Volkan Demir / From Ancient Divers to Modern Diving Industry and its Effect on Cultural Tourism

  • Ugrinska, Irina / Varna - A Crossing Point of Ancient History, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Opportunities

  • Tsoukalidis, Ioannis - Menelaos Chatziapostolidis / Sustainability of Cultural Heritage Exploitation and Local Tourism Development: Balance and Costing and the Role of the Stakeholders

  • Effrosyni, Boskou Chr. / Cultural Routes of Kavala: "Traces Of Muslim and Christian Orthodox Refugees in the City of Kavala"

  • Clow, Kate / The St. Paul Trail

  • Evangelidou, Anastasia / The ENI in the Context of CBC - Targeted Synergies for Bringing EU And Its Neighbors Closer Together

  • Paradeisopoulos, Sofronis / Olkas: International Contribution to the Development of Cultural Tourism In the Black Sea Region

  • Adam-Veleni, Polyxeni / The Bsudra Project, Evaluation, Outputs, Sustainability and Perspectives

  • Mercouris, Pyrrhus / The Digital Economy, Culture and Tourism in the Black Sea Region

  • Harlaftis, Gelina - Athina Vitopoulou / Black Sea Port-Cities, 1780s-191 OS: Objectives and Actions of an Interdisciplinary Project

  • Karagianni, Flora - Anastasia Chatzinikolaou / Limen.The New Institution: "Cultural Port of the Black Sea"

  • Bournatzi, Sofia - Chryssa Kopra / Feasibility - Sustainability Study of the Proposed Institution "Cultural Port of the Black Sea" - The Marketing Plan

  • Palmer, Robert / Experiences Of The Cultural Capital Institution

  • Christides, Michael B. / Embracing a New Institution for the Black Sea: "Cultural Port of the Black Sea"

  • Nikolakakis, Dimitrios / Legal Aspects in Creating Cultural Networks: The Case of the "Cultural Port of the Black Sea"


  • List of Authors

  • Program on Board Symposium

  • Program Agenda Cruise 

  • Sailing Through History With Symposium-On-Board Ufuk Kocabaş, Işıl Özsait-Kocabaş, Taner Güler, Evren Türkmenoğlu

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