Adalya 24 (2021)

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415 pp, color and b/w figures, Articles in English, Turkish summary.

  • Umay Oğuzhanoğlu / What Happened Between Beycesultan XIII and XII? New Answers from Laodikeia-Kandilkırı Early Bronze Age Levels
  • Meltem Doğan-Alparslan – K. Serdar Girginer / A Hittite Seal and Seal Impressions from Tatarlı Höyu¨k
  • Bu¨lent İşler – Ş. Recai Tekoğlu / Rock-Cut Tombs and Two Lycian Inscriptions from Karabel-Çamdağı
  • Gül Işın / The Farewell Dance to the Dead: The Dancers on the Portal of Trysa’s Heroon and the Xanthos “Dancers Sarcophagus”
  • Gonca Cankardeş-Şenol – Aygün Ekin-Meriç / Stamps of Hellenistic Imported Amphorae Found in the Excavations of Nicaea (Iznik) Theater
  • Pınar Çağnis / Trade Relations between Byzantion and the Black Sea Region in the Hellenistic Period: An Assessment through Recently Found Amphora Stamps
  • Burak Arslan / The Stylistic Features and Stonework Details of the Prohedriai and Lion’s Feet in the Metropolis Theater
  • Gürkan Ergin / Modes of Viewing the Urban Landscapes and Public Gardens of Early Imperial Rome
  • Tuğba Taş Giese / Die Waffenreliefs im Versturz des Marktgebäudes von Kapıkaya in Pisidien
  • Seçil Tezer Altay / A Late Recompense: The Rediscovered Monumental Octagon at Pergamon
  • Bahar Oğuş / Animal Footprints on Roman Tiles from Perge and Aizanoi
  • Burhan Varkıvanç – İsmail Akan Atila / A New Monumental Gate from the Roman Imperial Period on the Attaleia City Walls
  • Ceren Ünal – İsmail Özcihan – Merve Toy / A Group of Roman and Late Antique Bone Objects Found in Ancient Tralleis
  • Emanuela Borgia / Minima Epigraphica: On Some Roman and Byzantine Inscribed Objects from Elaiussa Sebaste (Cilicia)
  • Antonios Vratimos / Toghril Beg and Alp Arslan in the Historia of Michael Attaleiates
  • Mustafa Nuri Tatbul / Abandonment, Continuity, Transformation: Setting Komana into Archaeological Context through the Middle Byzantine and Early Turkish Periods
  • İklil Selçuk / Ottoman Market Regulation and Inspection in the Early Modern Period
  • Erdoğan Aslan – L. Ufuk Erdoğan / The Underwater Recovery Excavation at Kekova Adası: Observations on the Tek Ada Shipwreck and Finds
  • Şamil Yirşen / The Construction Process of a School: The Antalya Kaleiçi Orthodox Christian Girls’ School (Dumlupınar Secondary School) in Ottoman Archival Documents
Adalya 24 (2021) Adalya 24 (2021) 1301-2746-24 Adalya 24  (2021)