Annual of Istanbul Studies No. 7 / 2019

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190 pp, articles in Turkish and English.

The seventh volume of Annual of İstanbul Studies makes space for interdisciplinary approaches to Istanbul’s different periods.
This volume, which presents topics delving into urbanization in Byzantium, cultural history of Renaissance, material culture, social and military history of Ottoman Empire, and the early republican art history, comprises of: 

  • Registrars of Urban Movement in Constantinople: Monumental Columns and the Mese by Pelin Yoncacı Arslan, 
  • The Ritual of the Blessing of the Waters and Copper Alloy Vessels by Brigitte Pitarakis, 
  • A Re-evaluation of the Spolia Used in Topkapi Palace Revan Kiosk by Zeki Boleken, 
  • Francesco Sansovino and City, Architecture and Daily Life in Historia Universale Dell’origine et Imperio de Turchi by Aygül Ağır, 
  • Headdress Worn by the Janissary Officer Core: An Essay on the Kalafat and Çatal Kalafat Headdress by M. Burak Çetintaş, 
  • A Neglected Element of Ottoman Garden Design: Garden Wall Lattices and Screens by M. Baha Tanman, 
  • Architectural Re-arrangements Undertaken by Vedad Tek for Yusuf İzzeddin Efendi at Zincirlikuyu Mansion by Müjde Dila Gümüş, 
  • Spatiality of the Rebellions: The Female Rebels of Istanbul and the Architectures of Discontent (1730-1908) by Uğur Tanyeli, 
  • A Tenbihname on Fire Published in Abdulaziz’s Era: Some Remarks by T. Cengiz Göncü, 
  • German Attempts at Supply Economics and the State of the İstinye Munition Factory During the First World War by Zeynep Güler Sabancı
  • Belkıs Mustafa: “Art is Long, Life is Short” by Seda Yavuz.
Annual of Istanbul Studies No. 7 / 2019 Annual of Istanbul Studies No. 7 / 2019 2147-2068 - 7 Annual of Istanbul Studies No. 7 / 2019