Antioch on the Orontes

Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics
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272 pp, b/w figures, pb, in Turkish-English bilingual.

From the very first moment when their picks and shovels hit the ground in 1932, archaeologists started to expose the remains of an enchanted city hidden under the roads, squares, and gardens of modern Antioch. The olive trees that constitute one of the most important symbols of the city, as they are also depicted in the mosaics of the Roman villas, concealed underneath their roots some of the most impressive works of ancient pictorial art...

Thus came to light one of the most magnificent cities of the Roman Empire. Antioch on the Orontes, Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics narrates the story of the first archaeological expeditions with articles and photographs, and provides news of the most recent archaeological excavations in Antioch.

Antioch on the Orontes Antioch on the Orontes 9786055250263 Antioch on the Orontes