Early Mediterranean Scripts - Conversations about Space and Time

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255 pp, color figures, pb, in Turkish.

Research Means Looking at Things from a New Perspective

  • Speaking Luwian Today
  • Scripts Are Related
  • Science in Transition

How Does Decipherment Work?

  • The Generalist’s Approach
  • Combining an Internal and an External Approach
  • Why Decipherings Are Needed
  • Talking about Methods
  • Schools of Thought
  • Understanding Linear A
  • The Notorious Phaistos Disc
  • Arthur Evans Caused Some Harm

Waves of Indo-Europeanization across the Mediterranean

  • All Emerged from the Steppe
  • It All Began 5000 Years Ago
  • Another Wave of Indo-European Speakers
  • Of Indo-Aryans and Hyksos
  • Minoan Crete Was Multiethnic
  • Immigrants Tended to Be Hostile
  • How the Languages Arrived

The Earliest Cretan Scripts

  • How the Script Came to Crete
  • Linearizing Hieroglyphs
  • Cretan Hieroglyphic and the Phaistos Disc
  • Looking across the Border
  • Let Atlantis Rest

The Lasting Success of Luwian Hieroglyphic

  • Two Forms of Luwian
  • Step by Step towards a Decipherment
  • Why Not Read Luwian?
  • Some Signs Are Polyphonic
  • No Sign for i Anymore
  • Recent Finds – Questionable and Unquestionable Ones
  • Yet More Inscriptions Appear

Byblos Needs Its Own Script

  • The Byblos Script
  • What the Documents Say
  • The Road to Decipherment

A Cypriot Admiral Calls for Help

  • Different Approaches
  • All about Business
  • Hittite Ambitions
  • A Spectacular Discovery

Origin and Motives of the Sea Peoples

  • How the Situation Evolved
  • Famines in Anatolia
  • Where Was Haunebut?
  • Weshesh, Sherden, Shekelesh – and All the Rest of It
  • What Fred Thinks Happened
  • Some Discrepancies
  • What Eberhard Thinks Happened

The Etruscans Came from Asia Minor

  • Connections with Anatolian Languages
  • The Pyrgi Tablets
  • A Whole Book: The Liber Linteus
  • The Enigmatic Lemnos Stele
  • Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Don’t Forget the Rhaetians!
  • What Are the Consequences?

Other Luwian Dialects, Such as Lydian, Lycian and Carian

  • Lycian Can Be Read and Understood
  • Three Signs in Lydian Should Be Corrected
  • Sidetic Contains Signs from Cypriot Script
  • Carian Has Not Been Deciphered Correctly
  • Southwest Iberian Is Celtic
  • The Alphabet Becomes Semi-Syllabic
  • They Spoke Celtic, What Else!
  • The King Is Named after the Silver
  • Phoenician Port Towns Were Not Harmed
  • The Celts Enter Iberia
  • Iberia as a Sideshow
  • A Dedication to Reinforce a Bilateral Treaty

Etymology or No Etymology – That Is the Question


  • Endnotes
  • Further Reading
  • Picture Credits
  • Index
  • About the Authors

Early Mediterranean Scripts - Conversations about Space and Time Early Mediterranean Scripts - Conversations about Space and Time 9786057673930 Early Mediterranean Scripts - Conversations about Space and Time