Hattusha Guide - A Guide Book

A Day in the Hittite Capital
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5. Revised Edition.

210 pp, color figures, pb, in English.

From around 1650/1600 to 1200 BC Hattusha was the capital city of the Hittites, who ruled over wide reaches of Anatolia. This guide includes a practical itinerary that leads you past all the most significant features of the ancient capital, including the rockcut sanctuary of Yazılıkaya nearby. Color photography and a wealth of reconstruction drawings accompany the descriptions – clear and easy to read – of each monument.

?You will also have at hand a brief history of the city, as well as bibliographical references for further reading in various languages.

Hattusha Guide - A Guide Book Hattusha Guide - A Guide Book 9786057673442 Hattusha Guide - A Guide Book