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Deniz Barlas Velioğlu describes her artistic life and her unique understanding of art as follows:“The visual-textual language I developed consists of two basic layers: mostly newspaper pages and what I’ve built on them. The dialogue/collision of these two worlds, which can have limited meanings on their own, creates ‘additional meanings’. With its writings, photographs, colors, and textures, most of the time the newspaper page creates a visual-semantic starting point for me that I will be inspired by. The world I build on it, on the other hand, sometimes rejects and ignores the existence of the one below, and sometimes responds to it. In both cases, they form a semantic unity. I hope that this union will awaken new associations of ideas in the minds of viewers and take them on new journeys.”

“Deniz Barlas Velioğlu’s paintings remind us that nothing is just what it seems, which I think is one of the main functions of art.”

- Prof.Dr. Haluk Şahin, Lecturer, Communication Theorist, Author

 “I was lost in my own palimpsest as I stared Deniz’s paintings; unfortunately, it was both a ‘common” (sociological) and an ‘individual’ (psychic) experience. I suggest that you do it.”

- Prof.Dr. Orhan Tekelioğlu, Cultural Sociologist

 “To my eyes, her paintings are as powerful and meaningful as a stunning book cover or a poster. She creates a philosophic-artistic layer by blending textual language and visual language.”

- Uğurcan Ataoğlu, Co-founder and Design Director of Alametifarika, Lecturer

 I started to follow Deniz’s works and especially when I saw the paintings she drew on newspaper papers and printed documents, I commented that “this is the real art of our age.”

- Rahmi Çöğendez, RC Art Gallery

 “But the score I composed for Deniz that night is still very special to me, as it was born from a powerful state of ecstasy.”

- Prof.Dr. Yüksel Demir, Architect

 There are passwords, hints everywhere. It's like an endless game, a real breakthrough.

- Prof.Dr. Hülya Kayserili, Geneticist

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