Philanthropy in Anatolia Through the Ages

The First International Suna and Inan Kiraç Symposium on Mediterranean Civilization - March 26-29, 2019, Antalya
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The First International Suna and Inan Kiraç Symposium on Mediterranean Civilization - March 26-29, 2019, Antalya

xiv + 262 pp, color figures, index, hb, articles in English.

The articles of this volume offer a rich diversity of perspectives on philanthropy as practiced in Anatolia over some 2500 years. From such an extensive set of investigations, one would expect to compose a coherent synthetic statement on the nature of Anatolian philanthropy as well as some proposals for how to develop further a meaningful program of research on the topic. It turns out that the latter is far easier than the former; although this volume contains twenty original studies, they do not ultimately clarify either the definition of philanthropy or any essential aspect of Anatolia. The reflections below address first what might be called “the problem with philanthropy” and “the ambiguity of Anatolia.” Once these waters are sufficiently muddied, it nonetheless emerges that a program of research on the topic is possible and even promising.


Introductory Comments: Philanthropy in Anatolia through the Ages


Greco-Roman Philanthropy

  • Benjamin Gray / Debating the Benefits and Problems of Philanthropy in Later Hellenistic Anatolia
  • Pierre Fröhlich / Philanthropia in Context: Civic Virtues and Praise of Officials in the Poleis of Hellenistic Asia Minor
  • Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen / Civic Philanthropy in the Cities of Roman Anatolia
  • Christina Kokkinia / Large Epigraphic Dossiers and Euergetism in Roman Asia Minor
  • Mustafa Adak / Civic Notables and Their Honorific Titles in Roman Pamphylia and Pisidia
  • Mustafa H. Sayar / Local Donors and Euergetism in the Cities of Cilicia Pedias between the First Century BC and Second Century AD
  • Askim Ozdizbay / Euergetists of Italic Origin in the City of Perge and Their Contributions to Urban Development
  • Recai Tekoglu, Taner Korkut / Activities of Euergesia from the Ancient City of Tlos
  • Angelos Chaniotis / Benefactors of Aphrodisias and the Socio-Cultural Limits of Philanthropy
  • Matthias Haake / Philosophy and Philanthropy: Diogenes of Oenoanda and an Act of Mega-Euergetism

Early Christian and Byzantine Philanthropy

  • Christian Marek / Philanthropy and Early Christianity in Asia Minor
  • Rustam Shukurov / Barbarians, Philanthropy, and Byzantine Missionism
  • Esra Guzel Erdogan / Philanthropia in the Byzantine Monasteries of Constantinople

Medieval Islamic and Ottoman Philanthropy

  • Suzan Yalman / Hospitals and Philanthropy in Seljuk Anatolia
  • A. C. S. Peacock / Waqf Inscriptions from Medieval Anatolia
  • Leslie Peirce / Sultans, Saints, and Philanthropy: Selim I and the Province of Aintab
  • Lucienne Thys-Şenocak / (Re)presenting Royal Ottoman Women through “Other” Sensory Modalities
  • A. Hilal Ugurlu / Philanthropy in the Form of a Hair Strand: Sacred Relics in Nineteenth Century Ottoman Lands
  • Efi Kanner / Education as Philanthropy within the Ottoman Modernization Project: Aspects of Educational Activity in Greek Orthodox Communities During the Reform Era
  • Eyal Ginio / The Use of Sultanic Philanthropy under Constitutional Rule: New Perceptions and Directions


  • Amy Singer / Concluding Reflections: Philanthropy in Anatolia / Anatolian Philanthropy?



Philanthropy in Anatolia Through the Ages Philanthropy in Anatolia Through the Ages 9786057685278 Philanthropy in Anatolia Through the Ages