Phokaian Coins - Phokaia Sikkeleri

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viii + 249 pp, color and B&W figures, hb, in Enlish and Turkish bilingual.


General Information About Numismatics

  • The Need for Coins        
  • Numismatics and Its Importance
  • How the First Coins were Minted
  • Images and Inscriptions




Countermarks and Punchmarks

  • Raw Materials
  • Units and Standards      
  • The Value of a Coin       
  • Bronze Coins   
  • Counterfeit Coins            





Archaic Age Phokaian Electrum Coins      

The First Alloying Term (625/600-522 BC)               

  • Coins with the Phokaian Insignia, the Seal  
  • Coins with the Griffin and its Interpretation   
  • Coins with Animal Images and their Interpretation       
  • Coins with the Insignia of Another City        
  • Coins with the River God Achelous             
  • Coins with Human Image Types  
  • Coins With Warrior Heads      
  • Coins With Female Heads

Evaluation of the First Alloying Term           

Western Anatolia after the Persian Invasion

The Second Alloying Term (522-478 BC)

  • Changing the Alloy Composition  
  • The Ionian Revolt and Alliance Coins          
  • Coins Minted During the Second Alloying Term (Em. 29-50)        

Coins with the Seal Image     

Coins with the Griffin Image   

Coins with Animal Images      

Coins with the Insignia of Another City    

Coins with God and Goddess Images     

Coins Depicting Religious Festivals and Dances     

Coins with Warrior and Hero Images      

Coins with Gorgoneion Images              

  • The End of the Second Alloying Term

Archaic Age Phokaian Silver Coins

The Spread of the Phokaian Culture in the Archaiac Age      

The establishment of Phokaian colonies      


Phokaian Coins in the Western Mediterranean


Economic and Political Developments       

Classical Age Phokaian Electrum Coins    

Overview of the Third Alloying Term

Coins Minted in the First Section of the Third Alloying Term (478-387 BC), Em. 51-97      

Coins with Animal Images      

Coins with the Insignia of Another City    

Coins with Warrior Images     

Coins with Cybele and Attis    

Coins with Other Gods and Goddesses  

Coins Depicting Religious Beliefs and Festivals      

Coins with Heads of Satraps Linked to Historical Events         

Coins with Human Heads       

  • The Last Persian Domination Period in Phokaia (387-326 BC)             
  • Electrum Coins minted in the Second Section of the Third Alloying Term (387-326 BC), Em. 98-112              

Coins with Heads of Women, Nymphs and Goddesses           

Coin with Sappho  

Coin with Omphale

Last Electrum Coins of Phokaia             

  • The End of the Electrum Coin Minting in Phokaia   
  • Other Subjects Related to the Electrum Coins in Phokaia     

Why Electrum?      

Electrum Coin Reverses        

The Problem of Counterfeit Coins          

The Value of Phokaian Coins

Circulation Zone of Phokaian Coins        

Classical Age Phokaian Silver Coins         

Classical Age Phokaian Bronze Coins


Phokaian Monetary Agreements            

  • The Monetary Agreement Between Phokaia and Mytilene    
  • Other Relations that Imply a Monetary Agreement  

Relations with Cyzicus                

Relations with Teos     

Relations with Lampsacus

Relations with Erythrae               

Relations with Velia     


Political Developments in Western Anatolia             

Coin Minting in the Hellenistic Age             

  • Raw Materials              
  • Types on the Coins     
  • Legends on the Coins
  • Union Coins
  • Western Anatolian City States and Their Own Coins              

Hellenistic Age Phokaian Coins   

  • Royal Coins
  • Bronze Coins               

Coins with Hermes

Coins with Athena  

Coins with Smardos               

Coins with Griffin Reverse Types           

Coins with Apollo   

Some Phokaian Coins Excavated in Phokaia


Coin Minting in the Roman Period              

  • Union Coins
  • Civic Coins   
  • Mints         
  • Legends    
  • Obverse Types           
  • Reverse Types           
  • Roman Period Phokaian Bronze Coins     
  • Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD)          
  • Claudius (41-54)         
  • Nero (54-68)              
  • Vespasianus  (69 - 79 AD)          
  • Domitian (81-96)        
  • Trajan (98-117)          
  • Hadrian (117-138)      
  • Antonius Pius (138-161)             
  • Marcus Aurelius (161-169)          
  • Coins with Both Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius      
  • Coin with Faustina the Younger as Fecundidas           
  • Commodus (177-192) 222
  • Septimius Severus (193-211)      
  • Caracalla (198-217)
  • Publius Septimius Geta (209-211)               
  • Alexander Severus (222-235)     
  • Maximinus (235-238)  
  • Gordian III (238-244)  
  • Philip I (244-249)        
  • Philip II (244-249)       
  • Coins of Undefined Period

The Rise and Fall of Civic Coins


In Conclusion   


Phokaian Coins - Phokaia Sikkeleri Phokaian Coins - Phokaia Sikkeleri 9786258056143 Phokaian Coins - Phokaia Sikkeleri