TAY (Archaeological Settlements of Turkey) Vol. V (14 C)

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Based on the nonexistence of an archaeological inventory of Anatolia and Turkish Thrace, TAY Project was launched in 1992 by scholars from Istanbul University, Durham University, and the French Institute of Anatolian Studies at Istanbul. Aiming at documenting the known and unknown cultural heritage of Turkey, thence protecting it, the team went all around the country region by region. As a result binders have been prepared and their format has been designed to facilitate updating. Sites are given in alphabetical order and the volume is finished with a bibliography and a map of Turkey showing all the sites. By the end of 2002, 4 volumes (A4 size) covering from Paleolithic through Early Bronze Age have been completed and presented to the world of science. The language of publication is Turkish. Heavy and oversize. Vol. V, 14C. In Turkish


  • Radyokarbon Tarihleme Yöntemi - M. OZBAKAN
  • Karşılaştırmalı Tablolara Göre Anadolu Kronolojisi - B. ERDOGU
  • Yerleşme Fisleri
  • Kısaltmalar
  • Kaynakça
  • Ek: 14C Tarihlerine Göre Arkeolojik Yerleşmelerin Karşılaştırmalı Tablosu
TAY (Archaeological Settlements of Turkey) Vol. V (14 C) TAY (Archaeological Settlements of Turkey) Vol. V (14 C) 9758070754 TAY (Archaeological Settlements of Turkey)  Vol. V  (14 C)