The Bodrum Jewish Cemetery

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Tombstones have many memories to share about the past. For these reasons, they must be made to speak, and their sayings must be carefully recorded…"Known today mainly as a holiday destination, the Aegean town of Bodrum also hosted a small but important Jewish community in its past. This book catalogues the only remaining physical traces of this community in a small, neglected cemetery. Written by Siren Bora and translated and photographed by C. M. Kösemen, this study includes detailed images of all surviving tombstones in the Bodrum Jewish Cemetery, translations of every legible epitaph and provides useful background information on the history of Bodrum's Jews, Jewish funerary traditions, the details of epitaph texts and more.


Dedications and Acknowledgements

About the Authors


A Fatiha at the Jewish Cemetery - Introduction Essay by C. M. Kösemen


The History of Bodrum’s Jews - A Brief Overview

Traditions of Cemeteries and Tombstones in Judaism

The Bodrum Jewish Cemetery - A General

Tombstones and Epitaphs

An Inventory of the Cemetery

Carving Styles of Epitaphs


Titles and Epithets

Ages at Death

Marital Status


Jobs and Job Titles

Dates of Death

Causes of Death

Decorations and Symbols

Abbreviations on Epitaphs

Religious Phrases on Epitaphs

Sources and Bibliography

Translations of Epitaphs

Miryam Bulisa

Yaakov Romano Behar

Mordehay Avraam Israel

Aharon Barha

Hanula, wife of Itshak Kapuloto

Yaakov Kapuloto

Rahel, wife of Avram Galante

Mizrahi of Milas

Mazaltov, wife of Hayim Kapuloto

Yosef Galante

Hayim Rehamim Kapuloto

Ester, wife of Moshe Habiv

Rivka Tamar, wife of Moshe Anashaman

Rivka, wife of Nesim Notrika

Yosef Franko

Yehiyel Avraam Romano

Shemuel Kadranel, son of Zimbul

Rafael Taribis

Bohor Akyüz

Rafael Menahem Hayim Galante

Nesim Pelisof

Unidentified Man (Composite Tombstone)

Eliyahu Elhadef

Rivka, wife of Gedalya Kapuloto

Itshak M. Kapuloto

Moshe Galante

Yaakov Galante

Sara, wife of Yosef Galante

Baruh Galante

Hezkiya Itzhak Galante

Zinbul, wife of Avraam Romano

Unidentified (Tantsava)


Additional Photographs and Diagrams


The Bodrum Jewish Cemetery The Bodrum Jewish Cemetery 9786059022903 The Bodrum Jewish Cemetery