The City Basilica of Tlos

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Akmed Series in Mediterranean Studies (ASMS) 3

356 pp, color figures, hb, edited by Taner Korkut, Satoshi Urano; translated & English editing by Michael D. Sheridan

PREFACE (Prof. Dr. Taner Korkut / Prof. Dr. Satoshi Urano)

Introduction: Excavation of the Tlos Basilica, 2009-2017 (Taner Korkut)

  • Taner Korkut / The Location of the Basilica in Its Civic Context
  • Taner Korkut - Satoshi Urano / Detailed Description of the Basilica: The Nave, Narthex, Atrium, and Other Rooms
  • Satoshi Urano / History of the Episcopal Church of Tlos: The Evidence and Its Interpretation
  • Yuichi Taki / An Analysis of Measurements of the Basilica in Tlos
  • Taner Korkut / The Mosaics of the Basilica
  • Taner Korkut / The Frescoes of the Basilica
  • Satoshi Urano - Yukinori Fukatsu / Late Antique and Byzantine Stone Materials
  • Tijen Yücel / The Spolia Materials from the Basilica
  • Kudret Sezgin / Burials and Tomb Types from the Basilica
  • Çilem Uygun / The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from the Basilica
  • Sinan Mimaroğlu / The Byzantine Pottery from the Basilica
  • Koji Murata / Roman and Byzantine Coin Finds from the Basilica
  • Koji Murata / Byzantine Lead Seals from the Basilica
  • Bilsen Özdemir / The Glass Finds from the Basilica
  • Gül Işın - Çilem Uygun - Bilsen Özdemir - Tijen Yücel / The Small Archaeological Finds from the Basilica
  • Akiko Moroo / The Inscriptions from the Basilica I
  • Recai Tekoğlu - Ertan Yıldız / The Inscriptions from the Basilica II
  • Cenk Güner - Zeki Aydın / The Skeletons from the Basilica
  • Tetsuya Matsuzaki / Faunal Remains at the Basilica in Tlos
  • Türkçe Özet: Tlos Kent Bazilikası (Taner Korkut)
  • Abbreviations and Bibliography
The City Basilica of Tlos The City Basilica of Tlos 9786057685513 The City Basilica of Tlos