Turkiye Arkeolojik Yerlesmeleri (TAY) Klasor 8 (Bizans-Ic Anadolu)

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The Byzantine Building Inventory of Central Anatolia Region

Sustained its existence in Anatolia with its capital being Istanbul (Constantinopolis) for about 11 centuries, the Byzantine civilization is one of the last archeological levels of Anatolia and Thrace, while the remains of its material culture –at least those which are on the ground- comes second in Turkey, only after the monuments of Ottoman civilization. The building inventory of Byzantine period for Central Anatolia region has been published...

The inventory prepared by Engin Akyürek, Özgü Çömezoglu, Ayça Tiryaki, Ali Yamaç, Nilay Karakaya, Mete Mimiroglu, Ferda Barut, Tolga Uyar, Seçkin Evcim and 7 contributing people, and contains all the Byzantine buildings and architectural remains in Central anatolia Region, dated from the beginning of Byzantine period (330) till its ending (1453).

  • 622 buildings and building remains from Aksaray, Ankara, Çankiri, Çorum, Eskisehir, Karaman, Kayseri, Kirikkale, Kirsehir, Konya, Malatya, Nevsehir, Nigde, Sivas and Yozgat provinces of Central Anatolia Region,
  • A bibliography consisting of 551 publications on Byzantine architecture in Central Anatolia Region,
  • About 450 visual materials containing building plans and drawings,
  • 2 maps pinpointing the selected Byzantine buildings in General Map of Central Anatolia Region and Selected Areas in Cappadocia,
  • “Mini Byzantine Glossary for the Enthusiast” containing 168 words,
  • An introductory article on the Byzantine civilization in Central anatolia by Engin Akyurek,
  • Also an index of all buildings showing the distribution by provinces and districts, and the abbreviations used in the inventory are included to the folder.

(The hardcopy is only in Turkish)

Turkiye Arkeolojik Yerlesmeleri (TAY) Klasor 8 (Bizans-Ic Anadolu) Turkiye Arkeolojik Yerlesmeleri (TAY) Klasor 8 (Bizans-Ic Anadolu) 9786054701599 Turkiye Arkeolojik Yerlesmeleri (TAY) Klasor 8 (Bizans-Ic Anadolu)